• How to handle “food pushers”

    Social pressure and food pushers is something we have all experienced on our journey of trying to be healthier.As if it wasn’t difficult enough to get in shape or eat healthier, we have also food pushers to deal with. Does this sound familiar:  “Just have one slice of cake, it’s not going to kill you, […]

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  • How to stay motivated when it’s so hard?

    “I have no motivation, I am lazy…I lost my willpower”….Sounds familiar? We’ve all stumbled at some point in our lives where we catch ourselves procrastinating and postponing important things aside. Usually it happens  when we start something new and the spark that ignited the change suddenly disappears. We start a new diet and after the […]

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  • Do you have any doubts?

    A lot of women I talk to think that it’s their lack of motivation and I even heard some said “my laziness” that are causing them to gain weight and overeat in the first place.  I don’t think that’ true though….Let me tell you one thing….90% of all my clients, have experienced self-doubt daily in […]

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  • Curate your health podcast

    I had a distinctive pleasure to talk once again to Dr Heather Hammerstedt on her Curate your health podcast This time we covered the topic of pregnancy: preparing for pregnancy, thriving during pregnancy as well as post partum period. You can click on links below for this wonderful episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-167-how-to-prepare-and-thrive-during-pregnancy/id1478410990?i=1000535584718

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  • Three podcasts!

    I have done 3 new podcast episodes: Victoria on “break free from binge eating” podcast on Spotify and Apple (we spoke about body acceptance, finding ways to stop dieting and tune in to your own hunger and fullness cues. Victoria and I covered topics such as emotional, boredom eating and how food has no moral […]

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  • Neighbourhood nutritionist podcast

    Hey everyone! I did an amazing podcast with the wonderful Janice from Neighbourhood Nutritionist. If you want to check out our talk you can visit the links below. We talked about self-discipline, self-sabotage and dieting from psychological point of view! Apple Podcasthttps://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/neighbourhood-nutritionist/id1532856143?i=1000523133052Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/episode/1NHxnOoWjcVLJdbD2hTGBM?si=9wegwuHLTSeva6oKiN40xgWebsitehttps://www.notadiet.co.uk/neighbourhood-nutritionist

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