As both a Certified Wellness Coach & Psychologist, I am on a mission to help women feel comfortable in their bodies.

Let me ask you something. Do you feel you can’t seem to get a hold of your health no matter what you do and keep jumping from one diet to the next just to be back at square one? Are you feeling uncomfortable in your skin, constantly depriving yourself, feeling like a failure because you just can’t reach your goals, make sure to start off right but then life happens, stress kicks in and before you know you are back at your old habits feeling defeated ? Continue reading because you and I might have something in common. Actually, I am sure we do!


I have been on a personal emotional rollercoaster for years and couldn’t figure out how to reach my goals, how to finally be calm and comfortable in my own skin. I had to dive in deep, figure out my own underlying issues, understand better my own beliefs around health that I had learned a long time ago (through family, friends, environment) and let go of them. I have tried at all and failed at all, before I decided that something had to change. It can’t be this hard right? Through a lot of inner work, personal coaching, gaining knowledge in my years of studying, I went on a ride a decade long of ups and downs, trial and errors before I learned how to reach my goals, change my mindset around health and my body and make sustainable changes that would support my overall well-being.

I am very much looking forward to sharing my knowledge and tools with you because there is truly no point in feeling uncomfortable in your body, being constantly stressed out about the way you look and feel, and especially feeling like your have failed, yet again.


  • Intensive 90 days Wellness Coaching Program

    If you want to reach your health goals in the most personalized way, then this intensive 90 days wellness coaching program is for you! Before we start even talking about your health goals, we kick it off with an assessment and understanding of your personal life roadblocks, traumas, beliefs, your underlying barriers that have kept you from achieving those same goals in the first place. Once we have exposed, understood and removed those, we can focus on the set up and implementation of new healthy habits that will help you achieve your health goals in a sustainable way.

    If you want to learn what feels good for your body and use it as a source of energy, stop depriving yourself with extreme diets and exercise plans, release the  “all or nothing mentality”, manage your stress and make sustainable changes then this program is for you. Join me!

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  • Group Coaching

    Through group coaching wellness sessions, clients in small groups gather weekly to work on their health goals in a safe environment. During the sessions, we pinpoint your challenges, resolve barriers, learn about new ways of approaching your health goals and overall changing the way we think about our health. With the support of each other , we design specialized programs, make weekly goals all in order to enhance your well-being.

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  • Premium 6 Months Wellness Coaching Program

    The 6 months premium package is for those that are ready to peel various layers of their being: the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. With this program we dive deep to understand the psychological, underlying conditions, traumas, beliefs that have been preventing you from reaching your health goals. We identify triggers, learn how to challenge and replace them with healthy habits. Once the inner work done, the personalized approach that works for your lifestyle is set into motion so that you can truly feel free in your body and your mind, one session at a time.  We want to work to create positive healthy habits, get sustainable results without suffering, without restrictions, without relying on your motivation. Join me!

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  • Mateja Zenzerovic, Croatia

    After this experience I feel more empowered, self-aware of my needs and the changes I am making for a happy life!

  • Sonja Wenzel, Germany

    I had a great progress during coaching and still benefit from it every day. Can't say thank you enough!

  • Julia van Daag, The Netherlands

    Owing to her background as a psychologist and respective professional understanding of my situation, Ana was able to point me exactly in the right direction – physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

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