I ate too much, now what?

If you have overeaten one night here is what to do and what definitely NOT to do.

1. Try to use this experience as a learning opportunity- what happened, what triggered it? DON’T use this experience as an opportunity to blame yourself and plan another diet

2. Eat normally the next day. DON’T restrict the next day. The more you restrict the more you will binge

3. This is a slip up in your journey, show yourself some compassion. DON’T blame yourself, talk negatively to yourself. The way you talk to yourself leads to a particular behaviour. If you say you will never heal, you will never heal.

4. Continue with your normal routine. DON’T try any quick fixes: juice cleanse, IF, weighing yourself, overexercising…

Every binge is a story…something happened that triggered a thought or emotion. That emotion in the moment felt too hard to handle and you decided to numb it with food. The point of the exercise after the binge is to bring awareness to the beginning of the story. What happened?!