Have you ever planned a binge?

Have you ever planned a binge?

You know you have the opportunity to binge later on in the day.

You want to suppress the urge but you find yourself thinking, daydreaming about what you will get from the shop and how you will eat it with pleasure during the evening.

Even though you know it’s not the best thing for you, you are secretly looking forward to it. It’s your time, your alone time and nothing gives you more pleasure than food. You are looking forward to it in a way.

So now you start debating: Should I binge or not? Should I go for it or not?

You list the pros and cons but eventually the pros become stronger because you have developed a mental capacity to convince yourself you are not worthy.

You may say things like:

“I am fat already, I can binge and start a diet tomorrow”

“I deserve to binge after the week I have had”

“If I don’t binge, I have no life”

“This will be my stress releaser, better than drinking or doing drugs right?”

“it’s the last time, I will do better tomorrow”….

Once the decision is made, there is a sense of relief because now you know you will binge.

At the end you are back at square one feeling like you can’t get our of this cycle.

Have you ever planned to binge and what’s your way of handling these thoughts?