What is holding you back from a healthy relationship with food?

1. You are not focusedComparing your journey to others is very common and more of than it distracts you from your own goals. “I am not as bad as they are”, “I wish I had their discipline”, “I wish I ate like them”…are comparisons that can only derail your progress. Mind your own business and your own portions:)

2. You have put all your energy on the foodIf you want to heal your relationship with food you also need to pay attention to other potential red flags that could mask the problem: overexercising to burn off the food or earn the food, body checking, lack of social interaction…

3. You can’t heal if you don’t change the environmentUnfollow accounts that trigger you, stop going to places that trigger you, stop hanging out with people who have a distorted relationship with food and their bodies. You have to get out of a toxic environment that made you sick in the first placePS Stop watching “what I eat in a day” videos, they are NOT real.

4. Old habits die hard?If you try to heal but you still count, measure, weigh your food or track your points and calories…it could slow down your process because you are still far from intuitive eating. Tracking is not bad for some people but if you rely on numbers and not on your hunger cues it can be because it will put you on the dieting train all over again.