Simple tools to end emotional and binge eating

Here are simple tools to end binge and emotional eating:

1. Make sure you are eating enough throughout the day (most of the binging is happening at night due to severe restrictions during the day)

2. Don’t ban your favourite foods (make a mental list of all the foods you would like to eat and eat them)

3. Ditch the mentality of any food rules: there are no foods off limits, there is no cutting food groups, there are no specific portions or times when you can or can’t eat

4. Food is about balance not perfection: the more you try to be perfect, the more you will binge.

5. Focus on the triggers that lead you to a binge, be curious. There is nothing wrong with triggers

6. Don’t expect being able to go from binge eating to intuitive eating without going through a messy phase: that phase is often when people give up. Why? Because during that phase you will eat for a while more of the “bad, unhealthy” foods that you have been restricting for a while. Good news is, that phase won’t last too long!