About me


If you feel you are constantly depriving yourself from your favorite foods and yet you can’t achieve your health goals, you are not alone. Many of us, myself included, have been on this intense, draining emotional rollercoaster of intense restricting that would just backfire into more weight gain and binging. Feeling constantly anxious around others, food options, unhappy in your skin can be very damaging not only to your body physically (deprivation, yo-yo dieting) but also mentally. Changing the mindset around health, my body was the first step to healing and it Is also an option for you!

This is just the first step you are taking to regain control over your health and once in for all stop “fixing” something on your body, feeling free and comfortable for the long haul.

I am a psychologist and certified wellness coach and through my personal life and practice with clients later on, it became very clear to me that reaching any health goal starts with the work within. How often do you start over with a new diet plan, new fitness plan and yet it never works? How many times you start from the next Monday or January 1st only to realize you have been doing the same thing for months if not years? Wouldn’t it be great instead of trying to find the “best solution” to actually understand your personal patterns, thoughts, triggers, challenges and work on managing them as a foundation of a healthy mind and body?


I have struggled for two decades with keeping a healthy mindset around food and the way I looked. I have tried every single diet on the planet, I have tried all kinds of fitness programs but eventually would fall back to either restricting or just letting go and gaining the weight back. It was an emotional rollercoaster because I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and why I was unable to just loose the weight and live like a “normal person”. Obviously during my time in school, therapy and life experience I understood that a lot of it had to do with my environment first and foremost and second how I reacted to it: nasty, unecessary comments, remarks from friends, family. I truly felt hurt deep down from the people that I thought cared about me the most. They would either comment my looks, changes in weight or make some subtle comment that maybe I should try something different or just stop trying.

I never managed to work within to understand my emotions, my fears, my thoughts about my self-worth. I just didn’t accept at the time who I was and that is a very uncomfortable place to be at. I thought by fixing the food, getting the body I wanted, all falls into place. I was dead wrong. It is years of self-love practice, learning to listen the cues my body is telling me, working within that I finally got free from restricting and being able to enjoy my life with all the ups and downs without sabotaging my health.

For me a well balanced life is not just about the food we eat and how we move, how many hours in a week we put into our fitness routines and meal preparation. It  is also how we process stress, how we manage relationships (partner, co-workers, kids..), how we balance our hormones for optimal functioning as well as knowing your own body and the signals it gives you. It’s the people I choose to surround myself with, where I put my energy and where I just don’t even bother listening.


Personally, I don’t like giving generalized tips or meal plans because we are all different.This is a personalized approach to your background, your thoughts, your personal beliefs that we unravel first and then find the most sustainable ways for you to make healthy habits, sustainable changes that suit you and your lifestyle. Through my program, we dive deep. We reach for the underlying issues preventing you from reaching your goals and we then move forward into the preparation, action and maintenance phase. With this program you will get the tools needed to trust yourself, and make healthy habits one session at a time. Once you are finished with the program you will have the knowledge how to eat, how to trust your body with signals it gives you, change your mindset around food and you body and finally reach your goals for life!

Working with me you will get access to:

  1. Weekly 60 to 90 min coaching sessions depending on your program
  2. Set up of long-term health goals
  3. Set up and review of weekly goals
  4. Understanding the psychological/emotional reasons preventing you in achieving your health goals
  5. Tools how to remove unhealthy mindset around your body and your health
  6. Increased self-awareness, self-acceptance with my balanced approach to health 
  7. Guides to manage Stress and anxiety in your life 
  8. Time management tips for making it all happen
  9. Online support between sessions for any additional questions
  10. Reading materials, tutorials, workbooks and checklist to guide you between sessions

I hope you join me on your journey to find your most balanced self and live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life!