• Mindset shifts to help you reach your health goals

    As you all know by now, I talk a lot about being in the right mindset in order to reach any health goal, including weight loss. You can try any diet you want, but shifting your mindset about weight loss is key to losing weight.  For most people, mindset is completely excluded from weight loss […]

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  • Body Image and dysmorphia

    There is a difference between negative body image and dysmorphia but the line is very thin. Negative body image affects both men and women of all shapes, sizes, color etc…The more you worry about your body and the more obsessed you are with specific body (your thighs, “rolls” on belly, larger hips…) parts, eventually it […]

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  • Bounce back and thrive podcast

    Bounce back and thrive podcast

    Where do your ‘emotional’ triggers originate from?What impact do the negative words that you say have on others? These and some other questions are the centre of my new podcast out now with Grace Kew! In this week’s podcast interview, I spoke about my own experience growing up, the negative comments that shaped me for […]

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  • Are you too rigid with your diet ?

    Most of the people I have worked with have an immense willpower and motivation to reach their goals, as soon as possible if it were up to them. Being motivated and disciplined can help you in the beginning but pushing it too far can do you more harm than good.  There are people that go […]

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  • Easter in my backyard!

    Easter in my backyard!

    2nd of May marked the Easter celebration in my home and for this special occasion I decided to show you all some of the food that was on the table and give a bit of perspective on eating during the holidays and letting go of the all or nothing mentality. As per tradition, we had […]

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  • Chocolate


    As a wellness coach I asked quite often if I eat sweets and the simple answer is: YES. In all honesty I would rather indulge in salty foods than sweets, but chocolate is an item that you can find in my pantry.  Before I give you some of the benefits and my personal choice of […]

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  • Easy “cones” recipe

    Easy “cones” recipe

    So today was one of these days where I was a bit running around to do my work but also feed my kids. They wanted pancakes, I had no time for that so I opted to create a similar to pancake batter and put into muffin molds and wrap up some additional things while it […]

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  • Monk Sweetener

    More and more people are avoiding sugar in any shape and form (white, coconut, brown…) and are turning towards alternative sweeteners for baking or their coffee first thing in the morning. One of my favorite sweeteners that I started using recently is : Monk Fruit Sweetener also known as monk fruit extract. So what is […]

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  • A New E-book I enjoy!

    There is a new e-book that came out Spring Summer Feel Good from Ariana ShahBazi. She makes wonderful breakfast options, lunches, diners for the whole family, healthy, no guilt and shame around ingredients which is what we all strive for. I have been making her porridge options sometimes with oats sometimes with chia seeds and […]

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  • Well mamma podcast

    I did a beautiful podcast last Friday with Ariana from Well Mamma (www.wellmamma.com) and we talked about weight loss, self-acceptance, mindset behind dieting and so much more. We discussed my own journey and covered a lot of interesting topics around weight loss, including:– How we get trapped into associating our weight with our own self-worth– […]

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