• Relationship between inflammation and weight gain

    The concept of “eating less and moving more” has been told as the absolute truth and yet today we know that there are many other factors that an contribute to the inability to loose weight: stress, autoimmune diseases, gut issues, hormone imbalance, leptin and insulin resistance to name a few. The common denominator from the […]

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  • Psychological reasons you can’t lose weight!

    Whenever i talk about weight loss, besides having a good meal and fitness plan, the psychological state of mind can immensely contribute to our goals. From personal experience, i can say that whenever i have put some kind of strict goal, with too little food or too much food deprivation i felt the scale wouldn’t […]

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  • Ketogenic diet, what’s all the fuss about?

    Ketogenic diet is known also as a low-carb diet or to be more precise low-carb high fat diet (LCHF). The main purpose of this way of eating is that your body is producing KETONES in the liver to be used as energy. Let’s break it down slowly for a moment. Once you eat carbs (think […]

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  • How to overcome emotional eating

    How to overcome emotional eating

    We have all been there…something that was supposed to be a snack became a feast. A piece of cheese and cracker has turned into a whole box of crackers and cheese and butter and pizza, ice cream…basically what was in your fridge and cupboard has vanished. This is what we call Emotional eating. It is not […]

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  • Why diets don’t work

    Why diets don’t work

    There isn’t a diet I haven’t tried over the years and I truly believe that they don’t work, not in the long run anyway. Diet is a temporary restriction of certain food groups that people turn to in order to lose weight thinking that they will be able to go on that diet for a […]

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  • Unhealthy foods that seem to be healthy

    Unhealthy foods that seem to be healthy

    Go to any supermarket and you will see tons of food labeled as “organic”, “healthy”, “low fat”, “free fat” to name a few. It is crucial to understand that the food industry wants us to buy products that are actually not so healthy but seem to be to the average customer. There are some rather […]

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  • What is in my pantry?

    What is in my pantry?

    There is a reason why I chose to eat mostly plant based. It is really related to how I feel when I eat this way. It took me some time through lots of trial and error to figure out that I actually don’t like the taste of certain animal products and that dairy makes me […]

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  • What is a health coach?

    What is a health coach?

    A Health coach is providing its client’s guidance concerning their overall wellbeing whether it is related to their eating habits, increasing or changing their fitness activity or helping them achieve balance in different areas of their life (work, family, romantic relationships). A good coach increases client’s capacity to change certain behavior for the better, increases […]

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