Will intuitive eating make me thin?

You are not alone if you have understood by now that diets don’t work and you are tired of obsessing and controlling your body and food intake.

It’s OK though if you want to eat intuitively BUT you also want to lose some weight.
It’s hard to lose the desire for weight loss when we have been conditioned for a long time that this is our main mission in life: be thin/be skinny.

The growth that comes with healing your relationship with food and your body is to understand the roots of your desire to be thin. You need to understand that at some point these beliefs are no longer serving you and that consciously you are letting go of them. This takes time.

The process takes time, it’s a bit messy because you will start to eat more mindfully and give in to your cravings but at the same time from time to time you will freak out at your body changing.
Trust the process.

If your body was supposed to be a certain shape, it would have been by now.
You were going against your body all these years and slowly it’s time to let go and see at what weight your body will settle.