What’s your relationship like with the scale?

Personally, I have nothing against scales as long as we are able to stay neutral with the feedback we get once we see the number on it.

Most people are not neutral. Most people get irritated or triggered if they don’t see the number they wish to see.
The number dictates their mood, how much they will eat, what they will eat, how much they will exercise etc…that is not a healthy relationship with the scale.

If you are tempted to once again weigh yourself, this is what you can ask yourself first:

1. What information am I actually looking for? Confirmation of a number, a lower number, higher number because I haven’t been eating well? What information would be satisfying for me?

2. At this moment, do I have the mental and emotional capacity to deal with any number I may see on the scale?

3. What will I think of myself based on the number I see?

4. Am I weighing myself because I am curious or because I am afraid?

5. What can I do to calm myself if I see a number I am not happy with?

Your relationship with the scale just like your relationship with food can be messy but it doesn’t mean it will be messy forever. 
You will go through phases of extreme hunger once you stop dieting and you will go through body changes as well while you heal your relationship with food. Your weight will go up and down and then it will settle.

Your body will eventually set at a set point weight that makes it easy for you to maintain.

Have you reached your set point weight?