Unmet needs that lead to binge eating

There are three fundamental unmet needs that can lead to a binge:

1. Physical: not enough good, water, rest, sleep…whenever you put yourself in a position of not resting, not sleeping properly and nourishing yourself regularly, you risk a binge later on.

2. Social: connection with people. Isolation works for a while but then it can become a trigger for a binge for two reasons: One is the realisation that you are alone which is uncomfortable and two, the fact that you are alone gives you a free pass for a binge.

3. Emotional: Regulating emotions, coping skills, healing…if you don’t do enough of those on a regular, the build up, the tension of negative emotions will overwhelm you. When we feel overwhelmed, we need to have a release…binge.

When you get the urge to binge ask yourself if your needs are met on a physical, emotional and social level first.

If they are all met, then it means that there is something deeper going on that you need to work through.