Things I stopped doing in order to heal my relationship with food

1. Admit that healing will take a long time. I had built habits for many years therefore the “healing” will take time

2. Accept that dieting is no longer an option because it didn’t give me the results long term

3. Accept potential weight gain because I never knew the weight I would feel comfortable with, I always tried to weigh less

4.No more scales

5.No more measuring food or calculating macros

6. Stopped following any accounts related to food that were promoting dieting, challenges or gave me advice about food-for once I had to listen to my own body

7. No more binging and “diet starts from Monday” mentality and …

8. No more avoiding unpleasant conversations with family and friends. I knew I was in avoidance mode and part of me knew I was numbing with food on purpose. It was time to start dealing with emotional issues I had at the time.