Stop doing these if you want to end emotional eating

Straight to the point, no fluff, no waffle…this is what I teach my clients over and over again for the past 12 years. There is no magic pill to end emotional eating and lose extra weight but these 4 steps do work (you can find some of the reviews here.)

1. Stop dieting & eat when hungry

You can’t not EAT. Stop your dieting. Diets work short-term and you can’t be on a diet forever. The moment you stop, you will put the weight back up. Instead, focus on ALL the foods you want to eat BUT eat only when feeling hungry. You can’t ignore your hunger, you can’t skip meals forever so you might as well make peace with the fact that you need food.

Choose foods that make you feel good, go for variety, all macro groups (don’t cut any of them because you will crave those that you deliberately cut out) and eat until you feel you are satiated. Eat until both your body and mind are satisfied. Yes sometimes you will eat only for fuel but it’s very important you are actually enjoying the meal (if you are eating a plain green salad and dreading it, you can be sure you will eat more within an hour)

2. Stop being distracted

The distraction is one way of disconnecting from emotional eating and the feelings of guilt or shame about what you’re eating, how you’re eating it, how you feel about your body and yourself.
Distracted eating is more of a statement about your relationship with yourself. Mindful eating and assessing what you enjoy, what made you feel good and what didn’t, that’s where the jackpot is!

3. Stop avoiding your feelings

If you ask yourself in the moment of anxiety: “What am I feeling?” you will distract yourself from mindless, emotional eating and start understanding WHY are you eating if you are not hungry. This is how you start identifying the patterns of your emotional eating. 

IF you are not hungry, food is not the solution.

4. Stop the “good” vs “bad” foods mentality

This is what got you into trouble. The moment you eat something you’re not “supposed to”, you go into a full blown binge. Why? Will a piece of bread, a slice of pizza or a cookie make such a difference in your body composition? Of course it won’t! 

It’s the dieting industry that demonised these foods so the moment you slip you go all in and have a binge day telling yourself you will start over tomorrow. if you have done this over and over again, it’s time to stop and allow all foods to be part of your diet. That is the only way you won’t binge on them.

I have been helping people end emotional eating for over a decade now and I want to help you as well! These are just the initial steps but the conversation is tailored to each one specifically,  your starting point as well as your needs. If you want to get a tailored plan for FREE act now!

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Trying out every week a new diet is not sustainable…

Finding the root cause and changing your relationship with food is sustainable…