Shame&Guilt after binge eating?

When you are binge eating 2 main emotions come to play: shame and guilt.

Shame comes from believing that there is something deeply wrong with you and guilt comes from the behaviour of binge eating itself.You can feel guilty for eating a whole pizza but shame goes much deeper. Shame says that you are messed up, that there is something wrong with who you ARE as a person if you are capable of doing that.The issue with both shame and guilt is that as long as they are present they keep us stuck.

How can you unstuck yourself? First it’s important to understand that binge eating is not healthy but also shaming yourself isn’t healthy either because shame induces the feeling that you must do something radically different to prove to yourself that you are worthy: that is usually dieting.

When we want to take control over our life, we take care first of our bodies in form of controlling the food intake.

Control can lead to more obsessive thoughts, more dieting and then more bingeing.Instead of guilt and shame, think of these experiences as a learning curve why you need food in the first place. What is that control that you need? Where is it coming from? Is food actually helping you get it?