Is this program right for me?

If you want to end emotional eating in the most personalised way, then this intensive 60 days coaching program is for you!

Before we start even talking about your present emotional triggers that lead you to overeat, we kick it off with an assessment and understanding of your personal life roadblocks, traumas, beliefs, your underlying barriers that have kept you from ending emotional eating in the first place.

Once we have understood that we move on to the mindset change and ending sabotaging thoughts preventing you from ending emotional eating.

We then focus on all the possible triggers that lead to overeating in times of stress ,boredom, anxiety, anger, sadness…Once exposed, understood and removed, we focus on the set up and implementation of new healthy habits that will help you achieve your health goals in a sustainable way.

If you want to learn what feels good for your body and use it as a source of energy, stop depriving yourself with extreme diets and exercise plans, release the  “all or nothing mentality” and end emotional eating once in for all, then the Balanced program is for you.

The Balanced program has 4 phases and 8 modules.

Phase 1: Influence of past beliefs on your emotional eating

Phase 2: Change the mindset to end emotional eating

Phase 3: Old vs new methods to end emotional eating

Phase 4: Create powerful daily habits to end emotional eating


What do I get for these sessions?

  • Weekly 60 min coaching sessions with me
  • Understanding off the underlying psychological and emotional roadblocks preventing you in ending emotional eating
  • Assessment of your past and current beliefs, experiences, traumas that led to emotional eating
  • Understanding of your triggers and how to replace them with healthy habits
  • Development of  your personalized approach to healthy eating without dieting
  • Development of “No more extreme dieting, restriction, poor body-image” mindset
  • Learn tools for creating healthy habits without restriction, pain, suffering, isolation from others
  • Learn how to be free in your body and stop worrying about the next thing you have to “fix”
  • Increase self-awareness, self-acceptance with my balanced approach to health
  • Reading materials, weekly workbooks, checklists
  • Access to a private FB group for additional support for a year

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