Is this program right for me?

Through group coaching wellness sessions, clients in small groups gather weekly to work on their health goals in a safe environment. During the sessions, we pinpoint your challenges, resolve barriers, learn about new ways of approaching your health goals and overall changing the way we think about our health. With the support of each other , we design specialized programs, make weekly goals all in order to enhance your well-being.

What do I get for these sessions?

  • Weekly 90 min coaching sessions with me and the group 
  • Understanding of the psychological/emotional reasons preventing you in achieving your health goals
  • Personalized, sustainable approach to your health goals
  • Mindset tools how to feel comfortable in your body health and look wise
  • Increase self awareness around your triggers and replace them with heathy habits for life
  • Learn how to remove unhealthy mindset around your body and your health
  • Learn how to manage Stress and anxiety in your life 
  • Time management tips for making it all happen
  • Stop relying on your will power and get motivated to achieve your most balanced life
  • Get support and accountability from your peers
  • Reading materials
  • Workbook material for each session
  • Online support between sessions
  • Emotional support in achieving your most balanced life


Please request your session to join the group and let’s start creating your most balanced life!

Request Session - 300EUR