Well mamma podcast

I did a beautiful podcast last Friday with Ariana from Well Mamma (www.wellmamma.com) and we talked about weight loss, self-acceptance, mindset behind dieting and so much more. We discussed my own journey and covered a lot of interesting topics around weight loss, including:
– How we get trapped into associating our weight with our own self-worth
– Why weight is often not the real issue and how to identify the problems that lie beneath
– Why self-acceptance is probably the biggest issue most people have when it comes to weight loss
– Shifting from worrying about “vanity weight” to worrying about our health and true wellness
– Managing weight loss with children with a healthy mindset
– Some people say they want to lose weight but really they don’t – and they don’t have to!

Head to the link below if you want to listen to it:

Podcast Episode #12: Weight loss, self-acceptance and the psychology of dieting with Ana Vucetic