Perfectionism and distorted eating

Perfectionism and eating disorders are intertwined and here is why.

People who struggle with perfectionism want to be perfect in every way, including having a perfect body and diet. Normally nothing boring with that, unless that idea of a perfect body pushes us to an eating disorder.

What does perfectionism in eating disorders look like:

1. Others can eat what they want, but YOU need to be srtrict

2. Labelling food as good or bad

3. Purging as a form of punishment

4. Alway dieting and trying to find the “right formula”

5. Always on the go

6. Always in control of portions and calories

7. Diet is ruined if you eat a bit more calories

8. Strict food rules

9. Always compensating for eating more

10. Craving compliments about your body mostly in the form of weight loss

11. Thinness above health mindset

Here is the harsh truth: There isn’t a “perfect” way to eat or exercise, just as there is no “perfect” body.Trying to be perfect is exhausting and makes you lose touch with reality the more you see external validation that may or may not come.The more disconnected you become, the easier it is for you to start internalising all the diet message out there that can be very toxic for you.If you notice these signs all the often, start by challenging these messages from diet culture and having an attuned approach to eating, movement, and self-care.