Overcoming Eating disorder and Body Dysmorphia

I am finally opening up in this video about my own battle with restricting and binge eating as well as my body related issues that went hand in hand with having a poor relationship with food.

Everything started before the age of 11 at a ballet class but a full blown dieting mentality was installed in me at the age of 13 and just went from there to be a full blown eating disorder. I share my story but also the way I have healed and how I help my clients for over 10 years to heal from dieting and bingeing.

I focus my work on three main pillars: end dieting, identify your triggers and change your mindset around food. All three have a crucial role if you want to stop binge eating and regain your natural sense of hunger and satiety cues.

Watch my video here and let me know what you think!