Three podcasts!

I have done 3 new podcast episodes:

  1. Victoria on “break free from binge eating” podcast on Spotify and Apple (we spoke about body acceptance, finding ways to stop dieting and tune in to your own hunger and fullness cues. Victoria and I covered topics such as emotional, boredom eating and how food has no moral value)
  2. Hillary on “are you really going to eat that?” podcast (we spoke about how to heal from constant restrictions, binge-eating, and emotional eating. When our body is stressed it releases cortisol, this is our fight or flight hormone. Our bodies start to crave energy rich foods high in calories; high in fat and sugar, so that we can get energy quickly. They provide the energy to deal with the stress, and gives us a dopamine high which makes us feel better.
  3. Anne-Mari on “the balanced dietician”podcast on Apple (