Letting go of my food-family connection

My emotional eating started exactly 25 years ago. I was 14 years old. 

Like every child, I needed my parents’ love to grow up loving myself. I was validated on every aspect of my life including my looks until I gained weight. I gained weight because I was eating more granted, I was lonely after we moved to another country but I never noticed that. It’s only when it was pointed out to me by my family that I became self-conscious.

That’ s the moment when I enter the cycle of dieting, emotional eating, binging.

Because they were criticising my looks, I was also thinking the same: I am worthless, I won’t be loved and respected unless I lose weight immediately. 
Fad diets are your best friend in that moment. 

“Just eat 500/800 calories or better yet, don’t eat at all ” is what I thought. Of course that backfired big time.

Within 2 weeks I was binging, emotionally eating like crazy in secrecy, hiding wraps of food in my room. I felt worse about myself. Could it be that all my effort just went away?

I grew up thinking that everyone was commenting on the size of my body, they weren’t though. I was in my own head and saw the world through my own fears and projections. It was limiting me with friendships and having proper emotional connections.

I turned to food for comfort in those times and food became my sole companion. I was craving love and acceptance from my environment. I got it from food though.

I loved my rituals, my binges, my highs but the moment it was done, I hated myself. Talk about a complicated relationship with food.

I did besides my own education lots of therapy to heal my relationship with food and rebuild the one lost with my family.

Here is what I have learned:

1. My parents did the best they could with the tools they had. I spoke to them about all of the trauma I was holding on to. They had no idea what they had told me, how it affected me. I should have spoken to them earlier.

2. I refused to label myself as a binge eater. I told myself I have binge eating tendencies when things get tough. Some people smoke, I eat.

3. My value is not determined by my size apparently and neither is my body image. I was a size XXS and a size XL and I had bad body image days in both cases.

4. My feelings are validated and I need to accept that I can’t run away from them because they always come back. Might as well deal with them than eat them:)

I haven’t binged for over 12 years now. I eat a variety of foods and I enjoy all of the foods without guilt. I am at peace. I have been through some many body acceptance phases that I can count, but finally again I am at peace with my body as well.

I knew being a psychologist specialised in emotional and bing eating that I want to help people get the results faster. I took the long road but you don’t have to.

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