How to stop body checking?

Why do people body check?

People with distorted eating often engage in body checking as a way to cope with their negative body image. 
Most of body checking is used to control their weight and shape. If the result of checking is satisfactory, it means they are doing a good job on the diet.

They could be weighing themselves before and after every meals, measuring body parts, trying on clothes all the time to see if they still fit in them, comparing their body to other people’s bodies, touching, pinching, assessing, looking from different angles, trying to find flaws to keep pushing…

Here are some tips how to stop with this behaviour:
1. Notice how often do you do this and ask yourself is body checking actually helping you in any way? What do you get from it and how does it dictate your day/your mood? As we all know first step is awareness of the problem.

2. Once you have the awareness you move to stop 2: reduce the amount of body checking, postpone body checking for example after a meal and then remove it as a mechanism for control.