How to get over “bad body” image days?

Have you noticed that when you eat well and look yourself in the mirror you feel great about your body? You even notice some shift and all of a sudden you look healthier, toner, fitter…and when you eat poorly it’s automatically the complete opposite?

Even though it’s impossible for your body;’s composition to shift over night, we feel and see as though it has. We see 5lbs more just by the simple reminder of what we ate the day before. 

That’s how powerful our brain is. We feel “fat” 5 times at leas tin a 24h period and its mostly linked with what we ate.

So what should you do when you have days where you feel “bad” about your body:

1. First of all understand this: EVERYONE has days when they don’t feel comfortable in their own body, yes even the super model on the cover of the magazine. We all have insecurities and they are all part of us getting to know ourselves better.

2. Start by asking yourself is there something else going on in my life that is causing me to feel uncomfortable? Very often we bash ourselves and start criticising our body because of some other reason such as:  feeling bloated, scrolling on IG, comparing our bodies to others, looking at old photos, trying on old clothes that don’t fit use anymore, general anxiety and stress, being around people who are constantly talking about diets….can you pinpoint what is stressing you in this very moment?

3. Don’t run away from your feelings. Be honest how you feel and say it out loud: “I feel bloated, these jeans don’t fit and I am upset, I keep looking myself in the mirror and all I see is a person who gained weight, I am feeling uncomfortable in my body …”

4. Once you have acknowledged how you feel, what can you do to make yourself feel better? Normally this kind of stress causes people to overeat but if you are honest with yourself, food is not the solution. Instead be gentle with yourself as much as you can

5.Practice body positivity affirmations: I am more than my body, my weight doesn’t define me, my weight doesn’t define my worth, I am allowed to feel like this, my body will change and thats normal, I can manage my feelings, this uncomfortable feeling is only temporary…

Treat yourself when you have those days like you would treat your best friend. Choose the same words and the same comfort you would give them for yourself.

Let me know how it goes for you!