How others affect your healing journey?

When you are healing your relationship with food, trying to listen to your body, end emotional eating you will have confrontations with people around you.

Some won’t get it and will think you are “fine”. Some will think it’s another “phase” and won’t believe it until they see the real change in you.

On the other hand, you will also recognise those that will try to impose their personal views about food on you so that THEY can validate their own distorted eating habits.

Whenever someone openly talks about your eating habits, your exercise plan, your relationship with food, they are actually talking about themselves. They don’t really care about what you eat or don’t eat.

They do care to compare with you and make themselves feel better if they are doing “better” than you. It’s a sort of relief (“she is far worse than me” type of thinking-that validates my own messed up relationship with food in such an easy way)

Once you hear:” Are you going to eat all of that?” it usually means they never would. They are trying to impose their view on you so you can feel guilty, stop what you were doing and join them in this dieting misery.

Once you hear:” It’s nothing, live a little, you can diet tomorrow” here you are dealing with a person who is constantly on a diet but also constantly binges on the weekend.

It’s so much easier to talk about other people’s eating habits because that way the spotlight is not on us and our own habits.

We are shielding ourselves by commenting others.

We want to lure others into our own distorted dieting world because misery loves company.

We are both dieting and then both binging on ice cream and pizza.

I am not saying everyone around is like that but mind you, every third person is on some kind of “plan” and most of them are quite sensitive/protective of it. 

Be aware that your journey to healing is your own and there’re no 2 journeys that are alike.

Protect your own health and wellbeing through a deep understanding that hurt people hurt people.