How can you use more mindfully the scale?

When you step on the scale you can see either a higher or a lower number than what you expected. Almost no one steps on the scale to get the “proof” that they weigh exactly what they thought. 
So what happens when the number is bigger? 
It can throw you off into a binge. Why? Because it’s much easier to start thinking that the number that you see is a proof that you just can’t lose the weight so why bother? You get all these negative feelings running around and the easiest way to soothe them is to binge and calm yourself down.

Now two scenarios If you see a lower number:

1. People get a high but then again a worry: How on earth will I eat for the rest of my life under severe restrictions in order to keep this number?
2. If you see a lower number you can also get into the mindset: “This number is low, therefore I can eat a bit more now because I have some kg’s left until I become fat again”

If the scale dictates you mood, if it dictates how you feel about yourself and what you will eat then don’t weigh yourself daily. 
If you can’t accept the fact that the scale gives you DATA that has to change on a daily basis due to numerous factors (what you ate, amount of salt, water in the body, hormones, sleep, stress levels etc…) then don’t weight in yourself daily.

Here is what you can do: 
1. Weight in yourself every Monday for example and compare the data
2. Compare the weight from month to month

If you still decide to weigh in yourself daily, take the 7 numbers from one week and get the average weight. Now compare that one with the average one for the next week and then the next one etc…