Hard truths!

Unpopular opinions but I am going in there:

1. Not everyone eating a salad is on a diet.

Diet culture robbed us of normal foods as “diet foods” (think chicken, salmon, broccoli, rice, vegetables…) so whenever we see someone eating healthy the first assumption is that they are either trying actively to lose weight or they fear weight gain. That is 100% not true. Not everyone eating healthy wants to change their body.

2. You can’t tell anything about a person’s health based on how they look.

You can assume, that’s it. Being thin doesn’t make you healthy mentally or physically and yet its again the diet culture that promotes thinness as the ultimate standards of health.

3. You don’t need to obsess over healthy alternatives

If you want some sugar have it, no one will die.
If you want mayonnaise, have it, avocado won’t cut it as a “healthy substitute”
If you want chocolate, have it, dates won’t cut as a “healthy substitute”

Every time you push cravings away you are creating space for more binging later.

4. Your meals may not be perfect and that’s ok!

Everyday you make a choice about the foods you want to eat. Some days you won’t like what you ate but there is no point in beating yourself up. 

Tell yourself this: today wasn’t great, I will get the most out of these foods and do something different tomorrow because there IS always a tomorrow to make thing better/different.