Gaining weight in recovery?

Gaining weight in recovery is a tough one but let’s talk about it.

You see if you are restricting and then bingeing all the time it’s because you are always chasing the number on the scale which is NOT your set point weight.

You are chasing a number that can be achieved through rigorous exercise, severe self-monitoring of your food intake and basically having no life.

What does that mean? It means that your body for whatever reason doesn’t sit naturally at that weight you have imagined.

With the understanding that it’s your distorted relationship with food and your body pushing you to that number you will be able to step back and assess what would happen if you had those 3-5kg extra that you are trying to get rid of for the last decade?

Probably nothing besides having more energy, less time spent dieting and working out obsessing over calories and actually living life 

Think about it- what is so great about being miserable stuck in constant dieting to get to a number that you can’t maintain!?

It’s your ED talking. Push it away