False voice in your head!

You don’t want to binge.

But when the urge comes, you do want to.

You want to eat to relieve the urge, you want to just keep eating until you are past fullness. It may not start like that, but it always lead to that-more and more food.

It feel that on the one hand you want to eat a lot of food but at the same time you don’t want to be doing this.What you actually desire is to eat like a normal average person: eat when hungry, stop when full and move on with your life.

You want to be able to sit through the urge instead of giving in every single time.This is what you truly want BUT you don’t know how to get there.When an urge comes, you think you want food but unless you are hungry, you don’t want food.

You are NOT thinking about what you truly want and need. These true wants and needs will also be there but you can’t see them because you are numbing them with food.

You need to sit In the moment and ask yourself what is it that I truly want and need right now. You need to ask yourself these questions, feel the feelings and not stuff yourself with food mindlessly.

You want to eat, not to binge. You want to choose your foods not restrict. Your body knows what to do with food if you are hungry. it’s the excess of food, the food that you eat emotionally that your body doesn’t know what to do with.

Don’t just listen to your brain telling you that 5 cookies or 3 donuts will be so good to you. of course it will! But will it actually solve the problem?No. The problem stays with you even after the binge feast.Think about what you want and need instead of just listening to your brain hijacking you into thinking that all that dopamine from food will do wonders for you.