Easter in my backyard!

Easter in my backyard!

2nd of May marked the Easter celebration in my home and for this special occasion I decided to show you all some of the food that was on the table and give a bit of perspective on eating during the holidays and letting go of the all or nothing mentality.

As per tradition, we had some nice colored eggs made for eating and cracking obviously:), a beautiful cheese platter with some fruit, there was also some meat (grilled) and a homemade triple layer vanilla cake.

In everyday life, I tend to eat in a pretty similar way, moderate protein, complex carbs (I go up and down with carbs baed on my needs and monthly cycle:)), healthy fats and try to minimize any kind of processed foods and drinks that truly don’t serve me. For special occasions like a holiday I do treat myself with less than healthy foods but I don’t spiral out of control and eat until I can’t breathe. I try all of it, have a bit of everything, feel good and satiated and have no issues to come back to my usual style of eating the next day. I used to be in the all or nothing mentality where I would more often deprive myself of cakes and then given an opportunity like a holiday I wouldn’t be able to stop eating it until I was physically ill.

My advice is to from time to time analyze your hunger cues and see if your body is craving something that you are depriving yourself from, that you keep pushing away. You can always find healthier alternatives nowadays but the process to creating a healthy relationship with food is to understand your hunger cues and also know that one meal, one snack won’t ruin any progress you have made. One meal doesn’t have to become a full day or weekend of “bad” eating, try it, enjoy it and move on is what I do.

Why let one meal turn into a full blown weekend binge of processed foods? Perfection doesn’t exist. What is valuable in the long run is doing the right thing for you most of the time, making different choices at times and getting back on track.

I encourage you to ditch the all or nothing mentality, it doesn’t serve you:)