Do you try to control yourself?

We often try to control because we are afraid of exposing a part of us that we haven’t accepted yet.

The root cause of controlling is fear and when you try to control, it’s often because you are not accepting certain parts of you.And why don’t we accept those parts of us?Well, at some point in your life you learned not to.

It’s either a part of you that was shut down by someone or that we express ourselves wasn’t good enough and had to be hidden.

Example: you could have been told that being fat is unacceptable.

You could have been told that being thin equals being accepted in society.

Could it be that you never got attention unless you were thin?

You learned that this is not acceptable to feel, be, live in a different way other than “prescribed” to you.

When you feel you can’t control your environment, you start controlling what goes into your mouth (or not), how much you exercise, you work long hours, you micromanage…these are the things you can control.

The issue with control is that at some point if you decide to diet you know you will crash.

You have decades of evidence that it doesn’t work. So not only you will fail at your diet but you will also feel out of control. The only way to mitigate that is to stop trying to control your body. Listen to your body instead. Your body is sending you signals all the time: I am hungry, I am full, tired, rested, sleepy etc…you chose to ignore it and do it by your plan because you want to be in control.In 2023, let go of that need and start listening more.

As the saying goes: if you don’t hear your body whispering to you, you will hear it screaming.