Do this, don’t get hungry!

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and end emotional eating is that they are not prepared. You can’t go on for hours without food and expect later in the day to make good, healthy choices when you are ravenous, right? 

When you’re hungry, the last thing on your mind is preparing healthy meals. 

You want to eat something NOW, to kill your cravings and satisfy your appetite. 

Then, the next thing you know, you’re ordering pizza and grabbing a bag of chips to munch on while you wait. That’s totally normal- your body NEEDS ENERGY and you have waited for too long.

However, food preparation is the only thing that will help you avoid situations like these. 

When healthy foods are ready and available, you will be much more likely to eat those foods instead of ordering out or stopping at the store for a “quick snack.”, overeating, snacking etc…

Here are some tips how to get started:

1. Don’t over cook it

Really, don’t go overboard! Keep it simple, stick to simple healthy meals that will become a habit. Make pictures of meals that you made to use as inspiration for the next time.

Whether it’s an omelette, sandwich, buddha bowl or a soup, keep it simple. Simple meals take little to no time, game changer!

2. Schedule your meal prep

Meal prep takes time. The best thing is to choose the same day for meal preparation so it become a habit. 

I usually do it over the weekends when I store my food in the fridge/freezer. It takes me 2h and then I am free for the most part over the week

3. Choose meal ideas wisely

If you are meal prepping, make meals you can store in the fridge or freezer: cooked meat, roasted vegetables, sauces, nuts…you can also make big batches of soups/stews and store in the freezer as as well pre-made smoothie bags.

Keep this in mind: what can I throw in a microwave, over and heat it up fast? That’s your meal!

What can I throw in a blender and make a wonderful smoothie? That’s your meal (breakfast for example)

What can I eat cold or warm? Thats also your meal.

Remember, the more healthy and available food you have, the better choices you will make!