Can you binge in front of the mirror?

I think it’s truly messed up that for a long time we (especially women) have been told to lose weight and go on a diet. 
Now all of a sudden we are told we shouldn’t diet and love our bodies the way they are.

The issue is that many of us came out of dieting feeling and looking bigger with distorted eating tendencies. We came out from that space feeling completely powerless to just follow our own gut and make decisions for ourselves.

Food took over the joy of eating for nutritious reasons, for social or pleasure and became something we don’t enjoy anymore.

When you have binge eating tendencies you never enjoy food while you are binging. You are just trying to eat as fast as possible so that the food can go away, so that you don’t have to look at it any longer.

If this is you, I advise you to binge in front of the mirror. Not because you should judge yourself, but because you are supposed to see a person in pain, not a binger. You are supposed to see that you are doing something to mask a deeper issue, something that needs to be dealt with. 

It’s not an easy exercise but once you become aware that you are not eating because you are an addict or because you love food so much BUT because you are in pain, you start thinking in terms of dealing with the pain.