Are you too hard on yourself?

If you grew up in a highly critical environment you may be hyper vigilant on your flaws. You may be trying to fix them in order to avoid criticism. 

If you felt abandoned, you will do anything to keep people around and try to be and do things perfectly all the time. You are hard on yourself because you seek perfection. “If I am perfect, no one will leave right?”

If you grew up in a family of high standards, you may be trying too hard to be productive all the time!!!

If you grew up in a family where you were taking care of your parents, you may have developed the empathy for others but not for yourself. 

When you slip and binge, are you hard on yourself?
Probably yes.
Are you actually aware of the malicious benefits that you get from being hard on yourself?
Probably no.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What could happen if you weren’t so hard on yourself?
2. What benefit for you does it have to be so hard on yourself?
3. What have you achieved long term by being hard on yourself?
4. What are your beliefs around being hard on yourself?