Are you encouraging your overeating?

Certain phrases encourage binge eating:

1. “Whatever diet starts tomorrow”

2. ” I already had one piece, I have ruined my day”

3.” I was so good all week, this is my cheat day”

4.” I deserve to binge because I am feeling unwell”

5. ” I have to eat all the food because I am going on a diet soon”

If you want to end the restrict -binge cycle here is how you go on about it:

1. No black or white thinking: put a list of all the food you want to eat and make meals around it

2. Eat different things so you don’t get bored

3. Always include your favorite “sin” foods

4. If you ate one day more, it’s fine, life goes on (it truly does go on:))

Diets work for some people but they definitely don’t work for emotional eaters because diets don’t take into consideration that you use food as a coping mechanism. Even if you start a diet and all goes well for a while the moment you get triggered you will binge because that’s your tool, your mechanism to cope.