6 Things I Stopped doing to end my binges

Six things I stopped doing that I thought were healthy but actually weren’t for my relationship with food:

1. I downloaded my fitness Pal. At the beginning it was an innocent attempt to track my calories and macros but it turned out to be a massive amount of time wasted on food and calorie counting.I was missing out on events, I never ate outside of my portion control and it triggered me to binge every time I would go to an event and eat even the slightest outside of my calorie window .

2. I avoided food groups and then I obviously binged on those particular foods. I never blamed my “perfect” diet for that but my lack of motivation and zero willpower to lose the weight! No avoiding groups now and no binges for over a decade!

3. I always knew I could start over like a hamster in a wheel so instead of figuring out what I was doing wrong I would just fix my slip ups with an even more intense restriction the next day. I give zero f…k about the starting over mentality or the all or nothing mentality when it comes to food. All food is welcome, I know I can have any, I just choose what I want on a particular day.

4. I fasted like a pro! When I didn’t see the results after initial weight loss I thought I had to fast more hours but that backfired into more binging. I rarely fast on purpose now, more intuitively, I just start eating when I am hungry.

5. I used to define my self worth based on the number on the scale. We don’t do that anymore

6. I used to burn off or earn my food through exercise. I definitely don’t do that anymore. First off all the amounts I ate…well I would have to walk for three days to burn off one binge so that wouldn’t work. Second I wanted to move in the way that feels good for my body so I switched HIIT and cardio for more gentle movement and walking. Bingo!