2024 best tips for weight loss!

The number one New Year’s resolution is obviously linked to weight loss after weeks of indulging in food in December so if you are ready to use January to lose weight why not make it more sustainable? What I mean by that, why not make it the LAST January that you will ever go on a weight loss plan?

Isn’t it tiring that every year starts with this brand new commitment that you will hit the gym 5 times a week (although you haven’t stepped in one in over 5 months), that you will ditch alcohol, ditch the sweets, ditch the process foods…you get the picture

While you were indulging in food last month you have created in the moment this perfect plan that will rectify these overeating sessions but the reality is that your plan is not sustainable because you want to be on a fad diet that you believe you can be on for the rest of your life.

Let me break your bubble: not only you will not succeed more than a few weeks on that super restrictive diet but there is also no way you can eat in such a way for the long run in order to keep the weight off.

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