Mateja Zenzerovic, Croatia

“My experience working with Ana Vucetic can only be described as a professional, thorough and a very pleasant one as I was a bit reluctant to work with a coach in the first place. During the sessions we covered together the main topics that were for me the most important one: relationships and bringing in changes into my life and to people around me. After this experience I feel more empowered, self-aware of my needs and the changes I am making for a happy life! I was also determined to make certain changes in my eating habits that were ultimately impacting my relationships as well. She gave me excellent insight and tools for me to work with so that I can feel full of life, healthy and satisfied in my own body. I would recommend this program to anyone who has any doubt in the quality of their life seeks for an improvement and a lifelong lasting changes”


Sonja Wenzel, Germany

“Working with Ana Vucetic was a full success, very rewarding on many levels. Although we started the coaching focusing on more physical wellbeing, due to some life-changing events that came up for me shortly after we started, it all became a very holistic coaching experience, covering far more areas of life, including emotional stability and coping strategies in an acute crisis. It was a real down-to-earth help for me to get through that time and to even get some areas worked on that I initially wanted to take care of. She is an amazingly confident and strong woman who makes it tangible through her words and guidelines that you can yourself increase your sense of self-care no matter where you´re at right now. She is effortlessly able to break down complex issues into some basic principles and in this way prepares you to address whatever you want to work on in a very sincere, sensible and realistic manner. Talking to her on a weekly basis has been an amazing support and I am very thankful I got the chance to have her coach me in this way! I felt absolutely seen, acknowledged, appreciated and picked up exactly where I was. I had a great progress during coaching and still benefit from it every day. Can´t say thank you enough!”


Julia van Daag, The Netherlands

“I met Ana somewhat coincidentally, but at exactly the right time in my ‘journey’. After a two-decade search for practical, realistic and most importantly sustainable advice, a sound coaching was exactly what I needed and received. Ana pointed me in exactly the right direction. She did not simply give me advice or a plan, but took part, got involved, and together we tailored lifestyle changes that suit me. You will not receive any generalized one-size-fits-all treatment, but personal attention that suit your life and goals. Step-by-step we implemented a training and eating ‘arrangement’ rather than a plan, that is not only flexible but easy to follow and most importantly that is sustainable! With her solid knowledge of nutrition and physical exercise, as well as her vast experience, she can relate and is understanding rather than dogmatic – and has the susceptibility to know when and when not to be tough on you.

Owing to her background as a psychologist and respective professional understanding of my situation, Ana was able to point me exactly in the right direction – physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

I am stronger, fitter, feel lighter and like I am on the right track. I have lost 8 kg since we started working together and additionally Ana was able to pinpoint an issue that needed addressing and was hence able to suggest what my next step should be.

For the first time in my life I can truthfully say that I am exactly where I need to be right now.”


Sutasinee Tongwan, Oman

I went to see Ana one month ago for the nutrition consult. I was getting married in one month time and really hope she could help me plan the healthy meal.

Ana started with 2 weeks plan and to be honest it was hard for the first week.
She asked me for the feedback very often and always ready to change to fit my satisfaction but still in a healthy way.

Things are always easy by time. My system accepted the new way of health. I lost almost 4 kgs in one month. But I am not over weight and 3 this is a lot for me. My skin is clearer and my digestion my constipation changes significantly. So now I am ready to fit in my wedding gown. Thanks Ana. You are gorgeous.


Sharifa Al Balushi, Oman

I came to see Ana in order to lose weight. I want to say that she had put so much effort into working with me for three months and has also put up with my questions, doubts, fears along the way. Starting a healthy lifestyle was a rather difficult task for because it was a completely new way of eating. With Ana’s help, I worked really hard on breaking my habits, eating patterns and ideas what healthy eating is. I was in so much denial and had lots to learn.
After I got the hang of it, to my big surprise I started to enjoy the food, I felt lighter, I was sleeping better, moving faster and was able to pick up my workout regime. I lost 10kg in 2 months and I am off now to the third and final month of the Balanced by Ana Program. I lost the weight I intended but I also gained more self confidence, faith in myself and I learned for future reference how to properly combine my meals and portions.