“Stay at home moms where so many hats but the most important hat is the one that takes care of your health”


Staying at home with kids can be so challenging both physically and mentally. Stay at home moms actually do so many things that no wonder they feel that making nutritious meals and doing sports can’t fit in their schedule. If you look at an average day of a mom at home with kids, the list of things she does is exhausting: cooking, cleaning, taking kids to school, ironing, washing, picking up after kids, grocery shopping…the list is endless. It is easy to get lost in all of these chores and forget about the one person you should care most about: yourself. If you want to get your health back on track but you don’t know how to organize yourself or you feel that you don’t have time to prepare your meals or exercise, I am here to help you! Together we will make easy to make meal plans for the whole family, workouts that can be done in a record time from your living room and organize your daily life so that time spend on your health fits in every day! 

I have two boys, one is 4 years old and another one 5 months old. Big difference between them means that their needs are so different as well. One wants to play, go outside and the other one is just glued to me? although I work now, I have been a stay at home mom with my first child for over a year and now for 5 months with the second one. I know from my own experience how hard it is to juggle the baby, the household and my relationships. I always felt that something has to suffer so in order to make everything right for others, I neglected quite often myself in that period. I didn’t pay attention too much what I was eating, I often felt quite sick ( by the way I discovered recently that i am lactose intolerant to most cheeses out there and yet I was eating them every single day in that period of time because they are so convenient to toss in some pasta?), lacking energy, had digestive issues. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me probably because I never asked myself the main question: what are you doing for yourself? Are you taking care of your body by eating nutritious food? Why aren’t you moving around more to get your body pumping? I just didn’t. After some time, I started to read and got interested more and more how to utilize my time at home the best way possible. I was always into health and fitness but now with the baby I thought there is no way to make time. I was wrong. I found tools 5 years ago with my first son and now with my second pregnancy and post pregnancy period it felt so natural to take care of my body the right way. I am not surprised how I felt after giving birth the second time around because I invested in my health to prepare me for the challenges coming my way once the little one came. Taking care of yourself gives you power, energy to face those challenges. I have the tools for it and want to share them with you!


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