"As a busy working woman, life can pull you in so many directions on a daily basis. Take control over your health and make it a number one priority"

As women we are juggling so many things as the same time and often enough it is at the cost of our health and wellbeing. We are trying to be there for our family, friends, colleagues that it seems we are lacking time to take care of ourselves. The more hours we put in our work, the more successful we will be and even if it seems that all this hard will pay off (it usually does), taking care of your body is the most important pillar to support your ambitions. You need to be healthy in order to get there.

If you feel that your work is taking over your health, that you’re lacking energy, that you’re eating habits are becoming less and less nutritious and more and more out of processed readymade packaged boxes than it is time to take matters into your own hands. If you are exhausted, can’t sleep properly, too stressed, feel like you don’t have enough time to be bothered with working out than again it is time to take matters into your own hands and make your health your number one priority.

Together we can make a suitable plan for your busy schedule that will help you feel and look great in your skin. There will be no complicated and long hours spent in the kitchen nor fitness programs that take up your precious time. From the comfort of your home, we will make a plan that is easy to follow, suitable for your lifestyle. 

As someone who has spent 10 years working in diverse companies in Human Resource and now as an entrepreneur, I know firsthand what it means to let my health slide under my feet for my career. Everything seemed less important if I just got the job done. Now I realize that it probably cost me at some point more than I would like to admit. I was often very stressed out, couldn’t sleep, felt anxious about going to work and dreaded being around people. After being in a vicious circle of wanting more and more, I decided I want to stop and make a change. I started eating properly with baby steps a long time ago but it didn’t become a second nature for me until 5 years ago. I was dieting, going up and down with my weight, working out in a completely wrong way. There is no diet or fitness fad that I haven’t tried in my twenties. Again, after many trials and errors and more education on these topics, I managed to find the right formula that works for me and that I would like to share with you. I am the healthiest I have ever been, I have more energy than ever and I manage to cook, work out and do my job all at once. You can do it also!


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