It is the most magical time in any woman’s life, or so they say. But with all the glory and blissfulness that pregnancy brings, it also gives us major anxiety about food and fitness choices we make during those nine months. I am here to guide you how to have the most healthy pregnancy, how to eat and move right during this time.

So what do I get for these sessions?


  • 90 min Discovery Session
  • Depending on your package, six, ten or twelve online wellness coaching sessions with me
  • Personalized meal plans during the nine months of your pregnancy
  • Personalized fitness plan during all stages of your pregnancy
  • Strategies how to bounce back after baby
  • Stress management during and after pregnancy
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Emotional support
  • Relationship balance


Below you can choose the number of sessions that suits you and your needs the best!